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Hello, my name is David, I’m young radioamateur from Brno, Czech Republic. My call is OK2DDS. I’m mainly active on 40m-10m with 100W from Yaesu FT-991a and VHF/UHF. I use SSB and FT8 mode. I like contesting, I participate in VHF/UHF contests (I do also HF contests, but only few QSOs for fun). I’m interested in APRS, C4FM Digital Voice and sometimes I’m QRV on AO-91, AO-92 and SO-50 sats with max 8W from Baofeng radio and 2+2el Yagi by DK7ZB. I am also learning CW and developing LoRa APRS Digipeater OK2DDS-3.

Please send me QSL only via direct, or via eqsl.cc, I’m not member of bureau. I’m responding to every QSL, SASE is not required, but you can include it. All QSL info is here (qrz.com). I updated to A class in March, 2020, my old N class call is OK9DDS, which is still valid, but I don’t use it often. I’m owner and the main operator of club station OK2KFL. You can contact me at david@ok2dds.cz.

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