Moje antény (my antennas)

Bastlené (Homebrewed)
10el. DK7ZB Yagi for 70cm
2+2el. DK7ZB Yagi 2/70 – for sats
2el. DK7ZB Yagi 2m
1+2el. DK7ZB for 2/70 – at home QTH
Dipol 6m vertical
Dipol 20m
6el DK7ZB Yagi 2m
2el Yagi 50 MHz

Endfed 5-band from
Chinese magnetic dualband – 58cm
CB Sirio ML-145
Chinese copy of Nagoya NA-701 (for 70cm)
Chinese copy of Nagoya NA-771
Chinese copy of Diamond SRH805S
Dipol 40m from OK5IM