picoBalloon OK2KFL (English)

We have built this sonde on Heltec Cubecell HTCC-AB02S desk with solar cells. The sonde is part of picoBalloon Challenge 2022. Balloon is planned to be launched on 2 July, 2022 from Brno, Czech Republic. The sonde will be sending its GPS location, altitude, speed, number of used GPS satellites and also voltage on solar cells, temperature and atmospheric pressure. The telemetry is sent using LoRa APRS network on frequency 433.775 MHz. Transmit power of TX module is 12 dBm. You can track our sonde under callsign OK2KFL in APRS-IS network on map below. Please see also live dashboard with telemetry data from the balloon.

Flight map

View map on fullscreen

Live data from sonde

You can watch this data live also from live-updated dashboard.


Time (UTC)LatitudeLongitudeAltitudeSpeedSatsVoltageTemperaturePressureIGate

Altitude (GPS)

Speed (km/h)

Temperature (°C)

Pressure (hPa)

Voltage (V)

Sats (GPS)

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